Welcome to the Clubhouse



It has been a exciting 18 months, Loop Massage was everything I ever hoped for - the blanket fort of my dreams. I feel so lucky that so many people felt the same; wanting to spend more time hanging out there. Lovely people kept asking “how long can I stay? what else can you do” Which was amazing to hear but Loop, is all about one thing - Massage!

When the opportunity arose for this container I knew I had to take it - despite promising myself I was going to slow down a bit! I just knew we needed to create a multi-use space that could bring all sorts of ‘wellness’ concepts to the beautiful people of Bristol.

The Other Space is a Club House, to give ownership to other practitioners with different skills than mine and let them shine. I’ve been very lucky with the individulas who have found themselves part of the ‘ToS’ squad.

I also feel very strongly that wellness takes all forms and that can be different from person to person. I wanted to created a space that allows everyone to find their own version.

I’ve had some questions - why manicures , pedicures and natural beauty products are in this line up (I get it, it can seem a bit surfacey, perhaps even a little shallow) but talking from experience; sometimes taking a moment to care for yourself outwardly is just the armour you need to face some really tough times. It’s amazing how strong you can feel knowing you’re rocking a kick-ass colour on your toes, even if you’re the only person who sees them.

I hope you can come here whenever you need some respite from the outside hurly-burly. Make friends with some wonderful and talented practitioners and discover what wellness means for you. So, welcome to the club.

With love