Voice Therapy at The Other Space

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Remember the last time you sang, cried, wailed, or shouted in pain?  Regardless of the emotion, sound is our most recurrent and effective tool of self expression and from the minute we are born, it is there to enable us to convey meaning. Sounds take us back into memories long gone; they can sooth us or energise us. They remind us of the innocence of childhood as much as they incite us to move forward or revolt. Chanting can induce meditative states as much as it can invite a group of warriors to war. Sound can create very meaningful intimate spaces, it can induce mental states, put us in touch with each other, allow us to elevate the spirit to communicate with the sacred, and provide healthy positive resources for our brains to hold on to as a way of managing our mental health. 

As sound related therapies become more and more popular, research has also discovered we’re particularly sensitive to the sounds of the human voice. It’s the sound that reaches our soul on the deepest level because it is the sound of our own selves. When we work with Vocal Processing Techniques we are transforming an emotional experience (even one from the past) into a tridimensional present experience that can be reshaped and assimilated into the consciousness. 

An issue explored trough sound and movement stops being an abstract concept revolving around the structure or our ego, to become a physical, more concrete experience, something we can actually sense and therefore transform through the body itself. It develops in the now and hence it is subject to change. It is also beyond words, which allows the practitioner to work with experiences that the client might not be ready to share verbally or even recall. A vocal experience is pure manifestation that happens beyond the rational conduct, thus permitting the client to resolve issues without the tormenting need to “remember” or “know” where the symptom is exactly coming from and dealing with it through the perspective of their adult, current selves.

And there I think, lies the beauty of it and it’s greatest potential. Holistic voice therapy is a experience of ourselves in the now, and in the now, everything is possible.

Voice Therapy Sessions are on Tuesdays with Laura at The Other Space.

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Polly Meech