Bowen Technique - Scar Tissue Release


BOWEN Therapy

& McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

Wednesday Mornings, with Angela. All sessions can be booked online.

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Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is an holistic hands-on therapy which is suitable for people of any age and level of fitness.  It has been shown to help with a wide range of ailments, from frozen shoulder and RSI to migraines and hay fever.  Bowen doesn't use force, but allows the body to achieve its own optimum level by making gentle adjustments, aiding relaxation and encouraging self-healing.  It can have a calming effect on conditions such as Parkinsons, and is the perfect choice for people who want to relax and de-stress.  

Bowen is often referred to as the ‘gentle’ therapy.  The pressure used is modified for each individual and is therefore ideal for people who are sensitive to touch, yet it is powerful enough to be sought by sports people who find it helps prevent injury and enhance performance. For many people, the benefits of Bowen can be long-lasting and even life-changing.

1 hour session £45.

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McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release 

The trauma of scars has, until fairly recently, been unrecognised. However, many people suffer from the physical or emotional impact even decades later.  Scar Tissue Release Therapy has been shown to make a lasting difference in a number of ways such as stopping or reducing pain, itching or hypersensitivity, bringing back feeling where numbness is an issue, and helping with motion and flexibility. It can also make a difference to the scar’s appearance, blending it more into the surrounding area.  The treatment may also trigger an emotional response/release related to the cause of the scar.

It has recently been found that this therapy can also be applied to other conditions with remarkable success, such as Plantar Fasciitis, certain cases of frozen shoulder and sports injuries such as quadriceps and hamstring tears.

Please note that scars must be fully healed and at least eight weeks’ old before treatment can take place.

30 min session £30

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