Mindfulness Based Therapy



Mondays. With Kathryn. To arrange an appointment use the contact details below.

Kathryn practices mindfulness based therapy and believes that we do not need to live constrained by the past or be anxious about the future. Working with people in crisis or with those seeking personal development, Kathryn can provide support to gain awareness and understanding about the suffering that trauma, loss, abuse or difficulties in relationships can create in our lives.

The Intention of this approach is to bring awareness to the present moment, slowing down enough to help you deepen your awareness of your body, feelings and state of mind. Mindfulness practice has a growing evidence base and is gaining popularity across many fields of psychology. As a UKCP registered psychotherapist in training, Kathryn offers psychotherapy at affordable rates and a free initial meeting.

If you are interested in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy please email kathryn@bristoltheraphyhub.co.uk or call 07957 343 411. For further information visit Bristol Therapy Hub