Voice Therapy - Tarot - Doula Work


Wellness with Laura

Holistic Voice Therapy - Voice Bath - Therapeutic Tarot - Doula Work - Womb Blessing

Tuesdays 10am - 6pm with Laura. All sessions can be booked online.

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BAST Method of Holistic Voice Therapy

A variety of passive and active techniques that can help us journey through our feelings, manifest the subconscious, unlock emotion and release tension and trauma by processing all resistances through the body itself.  This innovative technique combines vocal work, movement, breath-work and visualisation with a self reflective method called the 5R, and its based on the latest developments in sound cognition, music psychology and medical ethno-musicology.

1 hour  / £45.  (Please note first appointments are 1h 30min. No extra cost)

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Sound Bath

Allow sounds to gently carry you on a journey  back to the original frequency - a meditative state that provides us with a renewed sense of unity, purpose, freedom and peace. The technique combines the therapeutic use of tones, overtones and percussion sequences to work on the brain waves and the nervous system, providing a lasting effect of deep relaxation at physical, emotional and mental level.

1 hour / £45

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Therapeutic Tarot

A reading is a powerful therapeutic tool that allows us to gain deeper insight into our healing process as it represents and reflects those subconscious constructs that may be hindering our development or the manifestation of our full potential. Sometimes all we need is a little light to find the way, for all the answers already reside inside of us.

1 hour / £40

30 Minutes / £20

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Private doula support for couples 

Laura’s work as a doula is rooted in ancestral midwifery practices from South America and it seeks to provide couples with ongoing support, especially during the stages of pregnancy and pospartum. 

Labour and birth workshop - Incorporating: Positive labour, pain management, recommended positions, breathing and singing massage with your partner.

3 hrs / £120

Individual one-on-one session - Pre and post natal advice and support

1 hour / £45 

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Womb Blessing

The Womb Blessing is an energy technique Developed by Miranda Gray. This medicine  “...returns our female nature back to its sacredness and awakens and restores our female energies”. You can receive the energy registering at the Free world wide Womb Blessing or receive a personal womb blessing from what Miranda has called Moon Mothers -"women who have taken the ‘Moon Mother initiation’ personally from Miranda Gray at a Womb Blessing Training Workshop. This raises them to the high vibrational level required for them to give the transformative Womb Blessing Attunement in person."

40  minute session  / £40

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